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Nov 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
. they see it as an opportunity to educate kids about tooth decay for parent as opportunity to get rid of some of that excess candy and spaour the troops at the same time for a list of dental offices taking part in the candy exchange go to >>> next, good news for drivers at the gas pumps. bloomberg business report straight ahead. >>> president obama and mitt romney begin a last minute push today to sway voters. what a new poll reveals about the impact of superstorm candy. >>> pedal power at the stick, how the 49ers want to make it easier [ inaudible ] . good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >>> welcome back. here's a look at live doppler, drying trend for part s of the bay area north and peninsula drizzle main problem south bay and east bay l
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am PDT
. >>> the hollywood reporter says george lucas will give bulk to educational foundation. his own foundation has donated 175 million dollars to his alma mater university of southern california he's also a major contributor to the make-a-wish foundation and stand up to cancer. >>> next, calling in for reinforcements. new help the short staffed oakland police department is getting today. >>> going after energy drinks. demand one san francisco leader is making for the maker of a popular brand. >>> long lines for gas continue across the east coast following impact of sandy. violent outburst from one drive who got too impatient. >> we'll be right back. >>> now at 6:00, oops impact is already making a impact in oakland. highway patrol -- [ inaudible ] .
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2